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Financial applications for your mobile and or PC

There are many applications to keep a person informed of their finances today.  Some are also available to download onto a person’s Smartphone, so you even have the information readily to hand wherever you are.


Mint is a mini QuickBooks and is one of the best financial applications currently on the mobile app market.
As it is from the same company that also brings you TurboTax this application gets the best of both QuickBooks and TurboTax squeezed into one.
Making it a handy application that can carry all your financial, budgeting and tax tools all in one place.
You can now manage your bank, taxes, budgets and bills all from one application as it makes it easy to link up your various bank and store cards.


Wally is a truly innovative application that allows a person to track their daily and monthly spending.  It is a great tool for budget reporting and there is no need to even manually enter your spending details into it either. You simply take a picture of your receipt and Wally does all the entering of what, where and how you spent.
It is compatible with both iOS and Android.  The application if free and have come with various reporting tools.